General Motors to install up to 40,000 level 2 electric vehicle chargers across US and Canada


General Motors has announced a new effort to install as many as 40,000 Level 2 electric vehicle chargers across the US and Canada starting in 2022. 

The car manufacturing giant said the project would be pushed through dealerships, which will spearhead the move in local communities, particularly in “underserved, rural and urban areas where EV charging access is often limited.”

The “Dealer Community Charging Program” will see General Motors install Ultium charging stations at workplaces, multi-unit dwellings, sports and entertainment venues, college and universities and more. The chargers will be available to all electric vehicles — including those not sold by General Motors. 

The electric vehicle charging plan is part of a $750 million commitment to expand its Ultium Charge 360 ecosystem and strengthen “home, workplace and public charging infrastructure.” General Motors added that it plans to release a new line of three Ultium-branded Level 2 smart charging stations. 

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GM President Mark Reuss said the two initiatives are part of a larger plan to put everyone in an electric vehicle by “making access to charging even more seamless than before.”

“We want to give customers the right tools and access to charging where and when they need it while working with our dealer network to accelerate the expansion of accessible charging throughout the U.S. and Canada, including in underserved, rural and urban areas,” Reuss said.

General Motors is also building out its app which will help those living in apartments who may not be able to install charging equipment in their homes. Through the app, users can find charging stations along a certain route and even pay for charging while on the way there. 

The app currently gives users access to about 85,000 charging stations across the US and Canada. The company said 90% of the US population lives within 10 miles of a General Motors dealership.


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