Snapchat Cheating Clues-They’s Always Hiding


What is the number one thing that any Snapchat cheating does? Hides! They will always be hiding away somewhere else. This ensures that you do not see what they are up to when they are using their phone. You might notice them saunter off the other room just for a minute to open a text/snap and then come back when they are done. Or they take their phone into the bathroom frequently. Of course, taking your phone into the bathroom with you isn’t that random, but if you notice they’re claiming they need to use the restroom every ten minutes, it becomes a little bit sketchy, don’t you think? They might be taking prolonged periods of time in there as well, but never flush the toilet!

Not only will they hide from you, but they will hide their phone screen away from you at all times. This is definitely not normal behavior. Your partner shouldn’t be hiding their screen away from you when they get a message. This usually indicates there is something on their screen that they don’t want you to see. Possibly a snap from someone you don’t know about or someone they don’t want you to know that they are talking to.

Watch to see if they get defensive when asked about them hiding their screen. If they do get defensive, there is a good chance that they are doing something that they shouldn’t be doing.


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