Using a WhatsApp spy app


Using a WhatsApp spy app

More and more commercial spying applications are appearing on the market with solutions for almost all kinds of smartphones. With a spy app, any amateur with a desire to know everything you are doing on your smartphone can do so. Once installed a spy app can get remote access to any WhatsApp account data and all the activities on any iPhone or Android phone. That means they can access incoming, outgoing or missed calls, appointment calendars, photos, locations, and much more. The demand for such services is astonishingly high, with users tending to be either jealous couples or worried parents.

Many people choose to use the popular mSpy app, for which there are various ways to activate the service. On iPhones, it’s particularly easy as all the spy needs are the victim’s Apple ID and password. Both of which are typically not that hard to find out – especially within the circle of family and friends. Equipped with these login credentials, the snoop can then access iCloud backups, which are usually created daily via the service’s online dashboard.

When using mSpy with Android devices things get more complicated. With these devices, direct smartphone access is required for the spy to install the mSpy app which then transmits the data to the service. But there are two snags: First, the snoop needs to know the victim’s Google password; second, the whole thing only works on rooted Android devices (meaning that the user has access to deeper system functions, which is only possible with complex fiddling around). In addition, mSpy comes with a hefty monthly or yearly subscription price.


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